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Portfolio investment theory 1

Portfolio investment theory 2

Optimization methods and their applications

Mathematical technologies in financial analysis, portfolio investment theory, and business

Financial management

Mathematical methods of data processing

Computational mathematics

Basis of business

Methodology of evaluation of efficiency and resources distribution

Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100

Our partner:

  The members of Scientific Group deliver lectures on the courses, which are presented in this section, at the MEPhI and other educational institutions of Moscow's.
  All the courses agree with the all-Union State Speciality Standard.
  The courses 'Portfolio investment theory 1' and 'Computational mathematics' are designed for the day students on economic specialities.
  The courses 'Portfolio investment theory 2' and 'Financial management' are designed for the evening second higher education students on economic specialities.
  The course 'Mathematical technologies in financial analysis, portfolio investment theoty, and business' is designed for the students of Retraining management stuff program on economic specialities.
  The course 'Management efficiency indicators' is designed for the students of extension courses on economic specialities.
  The courses 'Optimisation methods and their applications', 'Mathematical methods of data processing', and 'Mathematical transport theory' are designed for the last-years students on applied mathematics speciality.
  The most of the courses are provided with manuals, which were written by the authors of courses and also were placed on this site (corresponding links are offered in the courses programs).


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