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Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100

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 Our Scientific Group was formed at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute (State University) (MEPhI) during the last five years. The Scientific Group members - Gleb Lukin, Nikolay Starchenko, Sergey Klimanov, Yuri Korolev and the head of the Group Alexander Kryanev - are graduates from different years and different departments of MEPhI. Valentine Matokhin graduated from the Physics Department of the Moscow State University. G. Lukin, V. Matokhin, N. Starchenko, S. Klimanov, Yu. Korolev combine their scientific researches with a direct work and a teaching load at the MEPhI and other educational institutions of Moscow.
  The general line of Group's research study lies in the development and application of mathematical models and economic system research methods. The Group carries out its scientific effort in collaboration with different organizations inside and outside of Russia.
  Two lines of the Group's work are presented on this site: the Scientific line and the Teaching line.



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