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Forecasting methods

Making of efficient portfolios on the financial markets

Making of innovation projects efficient packs

Efficiency indicators and estimation of risk for resources distribution in economics

Mathematical modelling of radiation therapy optimisation problems for tumours



Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100

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   In the section "Projects" we offered general directions of the Scientific Group's current researches. All the parts are logically related to each other, their succession (from top to bottom) represents to a certain extent their interdependency.
   Each project suggests some methods and schemes realized their purposes. Most of the methods and schemes suggested here are new developments of the Scientific Group's members. The others are modifications of relatively new but already proven methods and schemes.
    Theoretical justification and recommendations for practical use are given for the most part of suggested methods and schemes. In future we are planning to place demo versions of computer programs, which allow to extract the deterministic components from stochastic time series, to forecast time series, to make efficient portfolios and packs of innovation projects and to determine indicators of resources distribution efficiency under uncertain conditions.



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